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Due to the job market today, I had to relocate to the Atlanta area for my career. Well not knowing the area and hearing that I need to be very selective on where I should live.

In the process of searching for a home to lease, I was told about a process by a realtor where I could find a home that I was interested in and they would purchase the house and lease it to me up to five years to allow me to get use to the area and decide if I want to purchase the house. That sounds great doesn't it!!! and believe me the realtor really made it sound so good(at this time I do not want mention the realtor because I haven't spoke to him) Well let me start at the beginning, to save words I am going to hit the high spots, they did not have my home ready to move-in as promised, they did not complete any of the move-in repairs on time or in a professional manner (I.E. month to repair one door and to replace a stove) Home Partners and Pathlight has no concern to provide you with a home that is safe or comfortable in fact you may be better with a slum lord!!

My A/C broke and they expected my family including my 2 year old grandson to live in a house for several days in above 95 degree weather. They do not have any communications.

They do the typical "I will call you back" and never do call. I suggest you think twice before handing out money to this company!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Pathlight Property Management Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I have had a horrible experience as well. Please let me know any updates regarding a class action lawsuit.


We have rented a Pathlight home for a year and nothing but the same problems, major problems, the whole year. I'm interested in the lawsuit as well.

Please reach out to me at

I am in Sharpsburg, Georgia. Thank you!


Thank You!! Because I am currently relocating to Atlanta and I was approved on a home and the home is not ready even though it says on the website it supposed to be ready thank you for this because this is help me actually decided to go in another direction and one question are you still in the home


You can add me to this list for a lawsuit against this evil institution. Absolutely the worst unprofessional people.

They care about nothing but taking everyone's money!!


Yep, know that feeling. This is insane.

We are sick and been told to leave but with two large dogs, hard to find somewhere to go. We even had a mold test done and notified them of results of black mold, still waiting for response...


Pathlight left me with standing water in my home for two weeks. Once they addressed the issue it took another two weeks to rip out the dry wall that was covered in black mold.

Now a month and a half later they have no plan and I'm stuck with no walls in my daughters room and a ripped up floor covered in carpet tacking w rusty nails. I'm living a nightmare!!!

to Kristy Cail #1516364

I have a lawsuit against Home partners of America and their sister company Pathlight Management, My issue was that they fraudulently rented / option to purchase a house that had faulty pipes, they broke and HP and Pathlight’s refused to remediate the water, resultung in mold everywhere which was then circulating through the HVAC system making both my son and I extremely ill.I am trying to find other renters who may want to join in a class action lawsuit.against this Wall Street ifirm who is ripping off thousands an thousands of consumers all over the country to make some big money off those who lost their homes in the housing crisis( caused by the same Wall Street Investors) And they are getting away with it.We can’t let that happen RQ

to RJQ #1543613

Please, would love to join. We are sick and have medical bills and apparently their idea of remediating black mold is to spray a little bleach on it.

to RJQ #1603259

I will email you if you're still pursuing a lawsuit against these awful unprofessional people!

to RJQ #1603263

please include me!

to RJQ #1606359

Hi Kristi have you filed a lawsuit against Home Partners yet? My problem is more in regards to their outrageous late fees.

We did have some draining problems with the house when we moved in that took over a month to resolve. Not to mention this was a brand new construction. I do not believe they use reliable inspectors for their homes. Because since then we have seen all sorts of constructional potential problems that cold take place in years to come.

For example, when you open the garage door you can feel the vibrations of it on the second floor of the house. This home should have never passed inspection. We also had problems with Conservice in garbage pick up. They stated we had to wait until we had a month worth of complaints before they would consider hiring another company.

If you need supporting statements please let me know. My lease is not up until 8/8/19.

We were considering purchasing this home however, have since then have changed our minds. If they are treacherous in their dealings of small things they will surely swindle you in large dealings.

to RJQ #1608415

My family has been devastated by their unethical practices. Any lawsuit that would be stengthened in numbers would be of absolute interest to me and my family.

I have been dealing with a mix of the very things that all in this thread are talking about.

I could write a book.

to RJQ #1705271

Please contact us!! Need to join the lawsuit.

Living here 30 months with septic problem that keeps over flowing through sinks, tubs, pipes.

Even had a waterfall through the ceiling into the basement through the light fixture. Contact us at


Please include me as well, I am experiencing the same issues as we speak.

to Brandyh1127 #1516366

I am currently suing Home Partners of America and their sister company Pathlight Management.I am lookiing for anyone with a current lawsuit against them or anyone who wants to join a class action lawsuit.

to Anonymous #1602933

Count me in! How much and when?


Please include me in any lawsuit you may pursue ..we have been living a nightmare

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1216488

I'd like to speak to you. I'm thinking about filing a class action lawsuit. Please reach out to me via email to

to Anonymous #1357449

Please include me in any lawsuit you may decide to file.

I have had similar issues within this company.

to Anonymous #1415415

me too,

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